Tusker Malt Lager Renews Partnership with Nairobi Polo Club for the 2023/24 Polo Season

Tusker Malt Lager, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL)'s premium beer brand, is delighted to announce the continuation of its successful partnership with the esteemed Nairobi Polo Club for the upcoming 2023/24 polo season. This collaboration between two stalwarts in their respective domains not only reaffirms their unwavering commitment to excellence but also signifies their dedication to showcasing the sport of polo to a wider audience.

This partnership builds on last year, where Tusker Malt perpetually pushed the boundaries of the interaction between on-field action and a great social atmosphere. In between matches and after tournaments are concluded; attendees, club members and players get together and share in drinks, food and music. This is something that has since been very well received by audiences, leading to a sharp uptick in the number of fans of Polo in Nairobi and its environs.

The much-anticipated Horseman's Cup, set to kick off the 2023/24 polo season this weekend, promises an exhilarating display of horsemanship and skill, and will be a chance for some new polo players to get a taste of tournament action. As the Senior Brand Manager of Tusker Malt Lager, Rediet Yigezu, expressed, "We are thrilled to extend our partnership with the Nairobi Polo Club for another exciting polo season. Tusker Malt Lager is synonymous with quality and distinction, and our collaboration with the Nairobi Polo Club aligns perfectly with our brand values. We look forward to witnessing top-notch polo matches and sharing the unrivalled taste of Tusker Malt Lager with the passionate spectators."

This continued alliance with the Nairobi Polo Club emphasizes Tusker Malt Lager's commitment to supporting events that, like itself, exemplify excellence, craftsmanship and heritage. This partnership plays a pivotal role in expanding the brand's presence and captivating a wider audience of polo enthusiasts.

"We are delighted to renew our partnership with Tusker Malt Lager for the 2023/24 polo season," commented Fredd Kambo, the incoming Chairperson of the Nairobi Polo Club. "This collaboration has been mutually beneficial, and together we have elevated the sport of polo to new heights. We share Tusker Malt Lager's vision for excellence and look forward to another season of extraordinary performances on the field."

The Horseman's Cup, marking the beginning of the 2023/24 polo season, will commence on Friday, 14th July 2023. Spectators can anticipate a series of thrilling matches featuring renowned polo players, all while enjoying the exceptional taste of Tusker Malt Lager.

The Tusker brand has a long history of supporting Kenyan sport and culture and is known for its commitment to providing high-quality, refreshing beer to fans as well as partnering with athletes to enable them maximise their potential. The sponsorship of these tournaments at the Nairobi Polo Club is yet another example of Tusker's dedication to bringing people together and fostering a sense of community through sports.

Tusker Malt invites everyone to come out and join in the exciting polo action and premium beer at the Nairobi Polo Club as the 9-tournament 2023/24 season begins.