Lite The Way & Keep It Lite

Tusker Lite came into the East African market in 2011 as a low carb beer uniquely brewed with natural ingredients.

In 2015, a brand campaign dubbed Lite The Way inspired a trend of fresh inspiring consumers, who are ambitious and revolutionary to embrace Tusker Lite as their beer of choice.

We then made a shift to ‘Keep It Lite’ in a bid to reinforce this culture while showcasing the various ways Tusker Lite could seamlessly tap into the key passion points of the consumers.

The brand also played a huge role in Environmental, Sustainability & Governance spaces through its involvement in the Lewa Marathon where we sought to conserve the populations of black rhinos and Grevy’s zebras while working toward a completely carbon neutral marathon ultimately tackling climate change and bio-diversity loss. We were able to eliminate hundreds of kilograms of plastic and aid in reversing the tide on the impact of Covid-19 by supporting local communities with education, local health care and infrastructure programs.

In Uganda, Tusker Lite is the title sponsor of the Ruwenzori Marathon. We believe that being active and pushing for wellness is a key facet of what makes Tusker Lite a truly unique beer that is future-fit.