Tusker Fest Eldoret edition, held on 15th April 2023 at Tamasha Lounge, was a night of unforgettable music, creativity, and energy. The event showcased some of Kenya's most exciting up-and-coming artists, including Tusker Nexter star Kamwana, Mutoriah. The event was headlined by the rap trio Wakadinali, with the DJ of the day being the renowned DJ Joe Mfalme.

Tusker Fest, courtesy of KBL’s Tusker brand is a celebration of the Kenyan culture through music and food and a platform for emerging artists to explore their talent and shine. Tusker Fest Eldoret edition was a testament to the brand's commitment to supporting the development of Kenyan music and c

The performances at Tusker Fest Eldoret edition were exceptional, with each artist bringing their unique style and flair to the stage. The crowd was electrified by Tusker Nexter star Kamwana's performance, while Mutoriah's soulful voice captivated the audience. The headlining act, Wakadinali, brought the house down with their high-energy performance, leaving the audience craving for more.

"We are proud to have provided a platform for some of Kenya's most talented and exciting up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent at Tusker Fest Eldoret edition. This event is part of our commitment to supporting the development of Kenyan music and creatives," said Catherine Twesigye, Tusker Brand Senior Manager.

Tusker Fest Eldoret edition also had a positive impact on the local economy, providing opportunities for local vendors to sell their products and generating employment opportunities for locals through providing services.

The next Tusker Fest edition will be held in Nairobi on 22nd April 2023 at The Bar Next Door, Nairobi. The event promises to be another celebration of Kenyan music and creativity, featuring some of the most talented and exciting up-and-coming artists in the country.

"We invite everyone to join us at The Bar Next Door, Nairobi, for the next Tusker Fest edition. Let us continue to celebrate Kenyan music and creativity while supporting the development of emerging artists," added the Tusker Brand representative.