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Terms and conditions

  1. Entry and participation in the Event is by limited admittance only and the Organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to any attendee for failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. Personal belongings, self and baggage shall be subject to search at entry points and at any other place within the venue of the Even on reasonable grounds.
  3. Attendees shall assume any and all liability that may arise during the Event and hereby indemnity the Event Organizers from any and all claims for harm, loss or damage, including but not limited to death, bodily harm and property damage or loss, that may result from attending the Event.
  4. Photography and videography for commercial or promotional purposes are strictly prohibited except for parties authorized by Event organizers. All event attendees and participants taking photographs or videos do so at their own risk and will be responsible for any liabilities, including but not limited to, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, loss/breakage of devices or injury that could arise.
  5. Please be aware that by entering the Event you hereby consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded without compensation and waive and release any claim you may have related to the use of any recorded media of you at the Event, for any purpose whatsoever in perpetuity in connection with the Event, by way of example only, use on websites, in social media, news and advertising or for any payment for use of such recorded media.
  6. Take note that your personal information, including your image and likeness will be processed in accordance with our privacy notice (
  7. No illegal substances may be brought into or consumed at the Event. Illegal substances include but are not limited to foodstuffs and drinks purchased outside the venue of the Event, weapons and substances classified as narcotics under applicable law and regulations.
  8. Unauthorized commercial activity is not permitted and may result in the removal of any persons involved in such activity from the Event.
  9. The Event organizers may postpone, cancel, interrupt, or stop the Event due to orders and regulations from government including cancellation, adverse weather conditions, acts of God and Force Majeure event, riots, acts of terror, dangerous situations or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Event organizers.
  10. The Event organizers reserve the right to substitute artists, change Event dates, venues or venue capacity arrangements or cancel an Event and such cancellation, variation or interruption shall not entitle the attendee to any claim whatsoever.
  11. CCTV and live recordings may be present at the event. This includes filming by the police and/or security staff carried out for the purposes of ensuring the safety of attendees, and live recording and/or photography of the Event by the Organizers.
  12. WARNING – prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Photosensitivity-Flashing lights may be used during performances at the Event.
  13. In case of any complaints, you can lodge the same with the Event organizers on 0728 604 435/ 0711 018 637/ 0721 985 566 or email
  14. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Kenya, and you agree that the Kenyan courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute.
  15. For enquiries, please email or call 0721 985 566.