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Tusker Nexterfest

Tusker Lager Masthead

Tusker Nexterfest

From March through to April, the Tusker Nexters talent search traversed the country and unearthed some truly special talents with incredible stories from across Kenya. We started in Meru, then to Kisumu, on to the capital, up the rift, and down to the coast. Yes, the regional auditions are done, but the action is far from over. If anything, that was a warm-up for the real sherehes that are just getting started. If you missed out on the Tusker Nexters auditions, Hapo ulilalisha brathe. Not to worry though, from 23rd March, we are ready to go again. Three weeks. Five venues. 19 talented Nexters from across the country on the Tusker stage. Get ready, as we take the talent, the hype, the volume, and the performances a notch or two...or even five higher, at the 2022 Tusker NexterFest.

“But what exactly is NexterFest!?”

Sawa Index One. That’s a good question NexterFest is the latest addition to Tusker’s vibrant Fest lineup. You are all quite familiar with the Tusker OktobaFest, right? Well, NexterFest is OktobaFest’s new sibling, and they have a lot in common. Like its older sibling, NexterFest will also be a nationwide celebration of Tusker, a special one at that, since the brand is celebrating a hundred years of existence this year. The key difference is that this year, the talents that we have unearthed through our recently concluded Tusker Nexters Auditions are going to take the stage at NexterFest and show us exactly what they can do! We will see rappers, vocalists, instrumentalists, spoken word artists, and everyone in between show us exactly why they were chosen to represent their regions at the auditions.

“How can I get involved?”

Stay locked into Tusker’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out the dates when the Tusker NexterFest is bringing the party to your area code. Find out which Nexter from your region came away with the win, follow them on their social media, and let them show you what art form they are bringing to NexterFest so that when they take to the NexterFest stage, you can give them the support they need. At the NexterFest, it is the Nexters that will be the headlining acts! Kama ni Kisumu, na uone Nexter TK Lyon alongside Khaligraph Jones kwa poster, jua ni TK Lyon ndio headliner! OG hapo anakuja ku-curtain raise! That’s right people. Sherehe ni noma. You do not want to miss this one!

“Inasound fiti! I’m in. Sherehe ni lini basi?”

We are kicking off the Tusker NexterFest in Meru on Saturday, April 23rd. On to Nairobi and Kisumu on April 30th, and we close with a bang in Mombasa and Eldie on May 7th, 2022. Two venues each weekend, with each region competing against the other’s sherehe. Make sure you come out and support your region because you don’t want to hear or see that the sherehe in a different region is bigger than the sherehe where you’re at, sawa? We will have huge performances from the Tusker Nexters, alongside some of the biggest names in Kenyan music. Usipigiwe story. Make sure you come to experience it for yourself.

All this will then culminate in the launch of a brand spanking new, bolder than ever Tusker pack! As you know, Tusker is celebrating a century of existence, and because of that, tumeoga na sasa ni kurudi soko!  Join us at the Tusker NexterFest and be a part of our history for the next century of Tusker.