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Tusker Draught

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Tusker Draught

Pursue Elevated Freshness with Tusker Draught: A Fresh, Cold, Crisp Lager

Picture it. A warm evening, after a long day of work. It is a Thursday. Second half of the week. Most of the tasks you had lined up for the day are done. You decide to join some friends for a casual after-work drink. A nice, cold beer will do. Maybe even two. You get to the bar that the guys said they would be meeting at, and it’s a new location. You take it all in, and you like it: nice ambience; good décor. The spot is still relatively empty, save for your friends, who are sat around the counter, glasses in hand. Niceties are exchanged. The sound of palms clapping against each other. “I’ll have what they’re having. Cold,” you tell the bartender, as you settle in and establish a bearing on the topic of conversation. You notice that instead of cracking open a bottle, the bartender hands you a chill glass of bubbling, golden liquid, with a full foamy head. You get the drink from the gentleman behind the bar, nodding with approval as you receive it. Traces of condensation are just beginning to form up on the chilled glass. You take a sip, and then do a double-take. Fresh, crisp and refreshing. It is then that you realise that what you just had was sip of Tusker Draught.

Tusker Draught is the same Tusker beer that we all know and have loved for the past 100 years. Instead of being bottled or canned, like conventional Tusker Lager, this one is packaged in keg barrels. This keg barrel packaging carries the full aroma and freshness of Tusker straight from the brewing tanks and into your glass.

Draught is generally considered to be the optimal method of showcasing the art of brewery, due to the number of benefits that come from packaging beer in keg barrels as opposed to bottles. Keg barrels prevent the beer contained inside them from the elements: light and air – oxygen to be specific. This results in a fresher beer that does not degrade from exposure to air, and does not get too foamy. This is what you want when you have a Tusker draught from the tap – a new way of experiencing Kenya’s most recognizable beer brand. Then there is the added benefit of freshness, and the chance to savour the true flavour and character of the lager. Tusker Draught stores and maintains the liquid’s aroma and flavour, exactly as it was from when it was brewed. The serve of the golden liquid from a tap and into a chilled glass also creates a novel serving ritual, different from the regular, which sprinkles a little dazzle to the occasion of enjoying your favourite beer, fresh and cold.

Tusker Draught delivers a cooler, elevated way of enjoying Tusker, that delivers on taste, freshness and occasion - perfect for chill times with friends ‘baada ya kazi’ over some good conversation or alongside a delicious meal.

As Tusker celebrates 100 years of existence, the brand is offering the elevated Tusker Draught experience across multiple outlets across the country. To savour the benefits and differentiated serve experience that Tusker Draught offers, simply pay a visit to any of the following outlets, and raise a glass to the next century of Tusker.


  • Nairobi Street Kitchen
  • Melanin Lounge, Sarit Center Roundabout
  • Artcaffé branches
  • Kengeles, Lavington Green
  • The Bar Next Door
  • K1 KlubHouse
  • As 1.7, Eastern Bypass
  • Steel Barrel, TRM
  • Klub Laviva, Ruiru
  • The Vineyard, Kiambu Rd
  • Quiver Lounge
  • The Craft Beer Garden
  • Bean Plant Café, JKIA
  • Benelix Lounge, Donholm


  • Baobab Beach Resort
  • Diani Sea Lodge
  • Diani Sea Resort
  • Maasai Mombasa, Mt Kenya Rd
  • 10th Street
  • Mint Bar and Restaurant, Bamburi Mwisho
  • Travellers Hotel, Bamburi
  • Bamburi Beach Hotel, Shanzu
  • Safari Inn, Shanzu
Tusker Draught

Tusker Draught

Tusker Draught

Tusker Draught