Tusker Nexters is an initiative that is all about propelling Kenyans to the next level, empowering them to unleash their potential and championing them to fully own their narrative in music, sports, and creative arts. A platform that provides them with tools, resources, and support necessary for them to become self-sufficient, and confident; igniting their passions in the quest to shape a new narrative for Kenya. A Kenya we are proud to be part of - a Kenya Milele!

Rooted in Tusker’s DNA is the spirit of supporting Kenyans and for generations, we have honed the expertise of nurturing, enabling, and empowering the young generation. Tusker remains the Nexter of its time, since 1922. An innovative brand, the first ever of its kind. Audacious and bold, willing to challenge the norm. Tusker knows what it takes to create the next, thus can identify and empower the next gen.