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The Art of Grooming

5 necessary grooming habits

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The Art of Grooming

The art of grooming has evolved a lot over the years, however the basics remain. Here are some easy grooming habits a gentlemen should adhere to:


1. Have a great barber

Not only do you need a great barber, you need to visit the barber regularly, depending on how long it takes for your hair to start looking rough around the edges.


2. Dress to impress

Just because you aren’t going anywhere special doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress well. Understand your body and the type of clothing and footwear that emphasize your best features and mask your flaws. A handy rule of thumb is to always wear something that would still look great if you get called in for a meeting or have a date at the last minute.


3. Smell good

Do you have a signature scent? An unmistakably great scent is something that every gentleman should aspire to. Do your research and buy some great smelling deo, aftershave and cologne.


4. Moisturize

Contrary to the popular belief that lotion is optional, ashy arms and legs indicate otherwise. Dry looking skin is never a good thing. Invest in a lotion that works well for your skin type.


5. Trim your nails

If there is anything women abhor, it’s that long pinky fingernail on a man! Cut it! And while at it, trim your fingernails and toe nails keeping them short and neat.

Make a statement

Make a statement

Leave a lasting impression with a unique scent

Leave a lasting impression with a unique scent