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White Water Rafting Adventures

Ready for a thrill?

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White Water Rafting Adventures

Imagine riding the rushing tides on the Tana River in Sagana. Imagine the rush, the frothy waters on your bare skin, the wind, the screams, the excitement! River Tana gets between 3-5 rapids and is at its highest around April, November, December and during the long rains in Kenya.


Thinking of trying it out sometime? Here are some tips to keep you safe:


1. Always wear protective gear

A helmet and life jacket are necessary to minimize any chances of injury.


2. Know the proper swimming techniques

You need to be able to swim in case the raft does turn over. Float on your back with your feet facing downstream until you are able to get back onto the raft.


3. Don't panic

Whatever you do, do not panic if anything unplanned for happens! It will only make things worse.


4. Get a qualified instructor

If possible, look into the credentials of the instructor who will accompany you. Also, ensure you listen to his instructions and understand the commands before setting out.


5. Wear the right clothes

Wear fitting clothing, and take off any jewellery or accessories that you don't need.


So get out there, get a team together, enjoy the thrill and share your experience!

White Water Rafting Adventures

White water rafting

White Water Rafting Adventures

Braving the rapids