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Let's Bungee

Ready. Set. Jump.

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Let's Bungee

If you are an adrenaline junkie and haven’t tried bungee jumping, we can’t even begin to explain to you what you are missing out on. Bungee jumping is all about the thrills of free fall. You get to dive from a structure 60m tall with an elastic cord connected to your back. Don’t be scared though. The cord will keep you from falling to the ground.

Here are some tips to make sure your first jump is epic:

1. Do your research

Find out where the best spots to bungee are located, read the reviews from people who have jumped there before and speak to the instructors.

2. Wear comfortable clothing

The clothes and shoes you wear need to be comfortable and not hinder your jump in any way.

3. Don't look down

Look up, straight ahead, to the sides... but whatever you do, don't look down. It might make you chicken out.

4. Layer up

In case the instructors don't provide a cloth, carry one to provide a protective barrier between your skin and the rope. This will prevent rope burns.

5. Stay open-minded

It's almost a given that you have heard many stories (some of them being horror stories) about bungee jumping. However, keep an open mind and experience it for yourself before making a decision.

Have you gone bunjee jumping? Share your photos and stories and tips on the best places to go. A friend might need to know.

Let's Bungee

Making the leap

Let's Bungee

Free falling