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Twende Prinsloo 7s Terms & Conditions

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Twende Prinsloo 7s Terms & Conditions

1.       Introduction

Tusker Lager (The Brand) is running a campaign to ferry fans (influencers) to and from Nakuru for the Prinsloo sevens tournament on Saturday, 23rd and Sunday 24th September 2017. The engagement starts on 22nd September 2017 and ends on 25th September 2017.

1.1    These terms and conditions shall govern the brand’s engagement with you, the influencer.

1.2    By being on this trip, you accept these terms and conditions.

1.3    During this engagement, the brand will cater for transport costs to and from Nakuru, as well as match tickets to the game.

1.4    The bus/match tickets are not redeemable for cash.

1.5    You must be at least [18] years of age to participate in the campaign; by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you warrant and represent to us that you are at least [18] years of age.

1.6    The influencer must adhere to the Diageo Marketing code (attached) throughout the duration of this engagement.


2.       Engagement

2.1    The brand engages the influencer to document their journey and match experience on their various social media platforms. At least 2 Facebook posts, 4 Tweets and 2 Instagram post a day.

2.2    The social media posts should be tagged with the hashtag #RugbyNaTusker and #HereIsToUs

2.3    The brand will record videos, images and sound clips of the influencers during this engagement for use in present and future digital campaigns.


3.       Responsibility

3.1    The brand will not be held responsible for any injury or loss of property during this engagement.

3.2    It is the influencer’s responsibility to take care of themselves and their belongings at all times during this engagement.

3.3    The influencer shall ensure that they do not post inappropriate content or purposefully inaccurate content nor use offensive language or images which may cause disrepute to KBL.

3.4     During the period of the engagement, the influencer shall not purchase/consume KBL competing alcoholic beverages.


4.         Termination

4.1    This engagement will be terminated on the 25th of September 2017 or in the case;

  1. The influencer does not meet the daily posting thresh holds.
  2. The influencer purchasing/consuming KBL competing alcoholic brands.
  3. The influencer does not adhere to the Diageo Marketing Code.




Game Time!

Game Time!