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The Guide to Epic Road Trips

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The Guide to Epic Road Trips

Easter season is the best time to go for road trips with the family and friends. There are so many people to see as there are places to go. So, how do you make sure the excursions you plan are awesome?

  1. There’s Gotta Be Music
    Music is an essential element especially if you’re going to shagz with the family and you’d like to avoid uncomfortable questions from the aunties- it’s always the aunties. Set up a playlist with music that cuts across generations. Throw backs are pretty awesome during road trips. The nostalgia is bound to make for some good laughs. This may be the best time to try out road trip karaoke with the people you are riding with. 
  2. Scenic Stop-Overs
    We live in a spectacularly beautiful country. More often than not, we stop over at the same spots and see the same things year after year. This would be a great time to shake it up a little, get a  spot that you haven’t been to yet. You may discover a love you never knew existed. 
  3. Pack a Snack
    People get hungry and some finger food goes a long way to making them less whiney and more happy through the trip. Pack some sandwiches and fruit and nuts and water. You could also surprise them with a new recipe just for the trip. It’s good to note that the best snacks for roadtrips don’t require heating. 
  4. Spontaneous Surprises
    Get your road trip buddies to pack extra stuff for unknown eventualities. You could, for example, get them to pack swimming costumes and go in search of hot-springs and secluded rivers to go for a dip. A little mystery is always a good thing. Who knows what you might find? 
  5. Designated Driver
    This should be the first thing you consider. If you choose to indulge in a few Tusker Ciders on your stop-overs, it’s always wise to ensure you’re driver is sipping on water or milk or any non-alcoholic beverage the entire way. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s a guarantee that you will enjoy your trip more that way. 
    So, now that you’ve got these tips ready, where are we off to? 
The Guide to Epic Road Trips

Car keys? Check!

The Guide to Epic Road Trips

Awesome playlist? Check!

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